Twilight Zone-Steven Spielberg-George Miller-John Landis-Joe Dante-1983-27x41

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Twilight Zone: The Movie-directors Steven Spielberg-John Landis-George Miller-Joe Dante remake four classic episodes in this sci-fi thriller. Dan Aykroyd-Albert Brooks-John Lithgow-Vic Mirror-Scatman Crothers-Kathleen Quinlan-Burgess Meredith-John Larroquette-Kevin McCarthy.

This international release one-sheet measures 27"x41" and was originally folded. It is in good condition. There is a censor stamp near one edge visible in our image. There are some pinholes around the edges. A few of the tears or other defects as described above are repaired with tape from the back and in the dark colored area, they are touched up with marker. This international style one-sheet was printed in the U.S. for use outside the country and thus lacks a ratings box and NSS information. Our watermark is on the image only and not the poster.

Watch the trailer for the film below.