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Wild Bunch
Stephanie F.

Wow!!! Shipping care AAA+++ Perfect!!!

White Christmas
Jason C.

Sensational. Poster shipped quickly and well. Totally pleased!

James M.

Fast shipping! Great packing! Great Item! Thank you!

Rock of Ages
Angelo P.

Great Vintage Poster! Fast ship!

Fabian G.

Awesome poster. Very happy.

Jeff H.

Collect. Decorate. Appreciate.

The Shining-Stanley Kubrick-Jack Nicholson-Shelly Duvall-Stephen King-1980-Horror 66th Annual Academy Awards-Saul Bass-original theatre used poster-1994-24x36 Anatomy Of A Murder-Otto Preminger-James Stewart-Lee Remick-Saul Bass-22x28-1959 Human Factor-Otto Preminger-Saul Bass-Richard Attenborough-Iman-espionage thriller Double McGuffin- Ernest Borgnine-George Kennedy-Elke Sommer-Saul Bass artwork

The Master

Saul Bass

The master graphic artist, Bass created some of cinema's most memorable poster and title sequence designs. He also storyboarded Hitchcock's famous Psycho shower scene.

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Our favorite the moment


Network: 1976

Sidney Lumet's classic TV newsroom drama, starring William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Peter Finch, Beatrice Straight, Ned Beatty and Robert Duval.

Screenplay by Paddy Chayefsky.

Stolen Moments: 1920

James Vincent's romantic crime drama, starring Rudolph Valentino, Marguerite Namara, Albert L. Barrett, Aileen Pringle, Henrietta Simpson and Arthur Earle.

Filmed in Savannah, Georgia, and St. Augustine, Florida. Very rare. 

Sweet Smell of Success Poster

The Sweet Smell of Success: 1957

The Sweet Smell of Success, director Alexander Mackendrick's film noir drama, starring Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Martin Milner, Barbara Nichols, Sam Levene and The Chico Hamilton Quintet.

Screenplay by Clifford Odets and Ernest Lehman.  

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