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Strange Woman, The-Edgar G Ulmer-Hedy Lamarr-George Sanders-Film Noir-1946

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The Strange Woman-director Edgar G Ulmer's historical bad girl crime film noir starring Hedy Lamarr-George Sanders-Hillary Brooke-Louis Hayward-June Storey-Rhys Williams-Gene Lockhart. A rare Edgar G Ulmer poster.

This originally folded, theatrical release one-sheet from 1946 measures 27"x41" and is in fair condition. There are several defects scattered along the edges and fold lines. There are several significant areas of fold line separation. Many of the defects have been repaired with tape from the back that may bleed through to the front. The poster is held together only by tape along the back of the center horizontal fold. Our watermark is on the image only and not the poster.

Watch the entire film below.