Stolen Moments 1920 41x85 British 3 Sheet Linen Backed Rudolph Valentino

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Stolen Moments, James Vincent's romantic crime melodrama starring Rudolph Valentino as the blackmailing villain, world famous opera singer, and Monet's lover, Marguerite Namara, Albert L. Barrett, Aileen Pringle, Henrietta Simpson, and Arthur Earle. Filmed in Savannah, Georgia and St. Augustine, Florida. The actual dimension of this linen backed poster is 40"x85.25". Very rare; less than a handful are known to exist.

This 96 year old poster is in very good condition even prior to linebacking. It had tiny paper loss at some crossfolds and creases, tears, and tiny areas of paper loss on parts of the vertical foldlines with a lesser amount of wear on the horizontal folds. There were some scuffs scattered in the image and some tears in the bottom border, extending into a couple of the letters of Valentino's name. The poster was pretty well backed, but you can see signs of the above defects and the restoration of the above defects.

Watch the first 7min. of Stolen Moments below.