Pandora's Box aka LuLu 47x63 French 1p R1970s Louise Brooks G.W. Pabst film classic

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Pandora's Box aka Die Buchse der Pandora (Lulu)-director G.W. Pabst 1929 silent German tragic romance of a woman who dooms every man who's attracted to her. Starring Louise Brooks-Fritz Kortner-Francis Lederer-Carl Goetz-Krafft-Raschig. Artwork by F. Gaborit. eArtFilm movie posters.

An original, theatrical release French one panel Grande poster measuring 47.5"x63". This undated, folded poster is from a 1970's re-release. It is in very good condition.  Our watermark is on the image only and not the poster.

Watch the trailer for Pandora's Box below.