Night Affair 1958 46x62 French 1 Panel Grande-Jean Gabin-Nadja Tiller

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The Night Affair, aka Le Desordre Et La Nuit, director Gilles Grangier's French romantic crime thriller starring Jean Gabin, Nadja Tiller, Daniella Darrieux, Hazel Scott, Robert Manuel, Robert Berri, Harald Wolff and Paul Frankeur.  Poster artwork by Deb & Marc Real. The poster measures 46"x62.5".

This poster is an original, vintage French 1 Panel Grande in fair to good condition. There are tears, small holes and separation along the fold lines. It was originally folded and will be shipped folded. It is also a Country of Origin poster made in France for this French made film. 

Watch a 2min clip from the film below.