Lives Of A Bengal Lancer R58/1935 27x41 Vintage One Sheet-Gary Cooper

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The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, director Henry Hathaway's 1935 war drama based on the novel by F. Yeats Brown and starring Gary Cooper, Franchot Tone, Monte Blue, Kathleen Burke, Richard Cromwell, C.Aubrey Smith and Sir Guy Standing. 

This originally folded poster has a great look to it but survives in fair condition. There are defects scattered along the edges and foldlines/crossfolds and there are several significant areas of foldline and/or crossfold separation. Many of the defects have been repaired with tape from the back that may bleed through to the front. There is discoloration scattered in some areas of the poster from exposure to moisture. Someone placed scratches in Cooper's face at upper right. Despite these issues, it remains a great looking poster.

Watch the trailer for the film below.