Klute-Jane Fonda-Donald Sutherland-Alan J Pakula-Roy Scheider-1971-27x41 _related_bill-gold, _related_gordon-willis, Alan J Pakula, awardwinning, Bill Gold, Donald Sutherland, Gordon Willis, Jane Fonda, Jean Stapleton, Richard B. Shull, Roy Scheider, Shirley Stoler, Sylvester Stallone, Telephone

Klute-Jane Fonda-Donald Sutherland-Alan J Pakula-Roy Scheider-1971-27x41

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Klute-director Alan J. Pakula's mystery crime thriller starring Jane Fonda-Donald Sutherland-Charles Cioffi-Nathan George-Dorothy Tristan-Roy Scheider-Rita Gam-Sylvester Stallone. Poster artwork by Bill Gold.

This originally folded, theatrical release one-sheet measuring 27"x41" is in good condition. At one time it was folded rather oddly. May have general signs of usage and/or from lengthy storage that could include slight fold separation and fold wear, tape on corners, missing corners, pinholes, and/or very minor tears. Poster was originally folded and will be shipped folded. 

Invest in unique, original movie poster art over store bought mass produced prints! Our watermark is on the photograph only and not the poster.

Watch the original "Klute" movie trailer below:


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