High And Low-Akira Kurosawa-Toshiro Mifune-1964-27x41

High And Low-Akira Kurosawa-Toshiro Mifune-Kidnapping Thriller-1964-27x41

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Tengoku to Jigoku aka High and Low-director Akira Kurosawa's classic Japanese kidnapping crime thriller starring Toshiro Mifune-Kyoko Kagawa-Tatsuya Nakadai- Tsutomu Yamazaki-Susumu Fujita-Kenjiro Ishiyama-Takeshi Kato 

This originally folded, theatrical release one-sheet (27"x41") is from this 1963 film's initial release in the U.S in 1964. Overall, it is in good to very good condition. There is about an inch and a half separation in the lower crossfold. Our watermark is in the image only and not the poster.

Watch the trailer for the film below.