Hello Dolly-1969-27x41-Barbra Streisand-Walter Matthau-Michael Crawford-RARE _related_broadway, Adventure, awardwinning, Barbra Streisand, Broadway, Comedy, Ernest Lehman, Gene Wilder, Jerry Herman, Michael Crawford, Michael Kidd, Musical, Pride, Richard

Hello Dolly-1969-27x41-Barbra Streisand-Walter Matthau-Michael Crawford-RARE

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Hello, Dolly-director Gene Kelly's classic romantic musical comedy starring Barbra Streisand-Walter Matthau-Michael Crawford-Louis Armstrong-Marianne McAndrew-Tommy Tune-Eddie Quillan-Scatman Crothers-Fritz Feld-Pat O'Malley-William Benedict-Danny Lockin. Poster artwork by Richard Amsel.
This is the RARE 1969 roadshow release poster because, for general release, Richard Amsel's artwork of the stars faces was replaced with 2-color photographic images of each of them. Buy this poster and you will have Amsel's original artwork.

This folded, original roadshow theatrical release poster is in very good condition. There is minor separation in the center crossfold. Our watermark is on the image only and not the poster.
Watch the trailer for the film below.