Harold & Maude-Ruth Gordon-Bud Cort-Cat Stevens-Cult Classic-R1979-27x41-eArtFilm

Harold & Maude-Ruth Gordon-Bud Cort-Cat Stevens-Cult Classic-R1979-27x41

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Harold and Maude-director Hal Ashby's cult classic black comedy about death, love and living starring Ruth Gordon-Bud Cort-Tom Skerritt-Vivian Pickles-Cyril Cusack-Charles Tyner-Ellen Geer-Eric Christmas. Memorable soundtrack by Cat Stevens.

This originally folded, theatrical release one sheet measures 27"x41" and is from the 1979 re-release of this 1971 film. It has a 1978 copyright and NSS # R-790014. It is in very good condition. Our watermark is on the image only and not the poster.

Watch the trailer for the film below. 

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