eArtFilm.com Belgian (14.25"x21.50") Grand Illusion-Jean Renoir-Eric Von Stroheim-Jean Gabin-RARE-R1950&

Grand Illusion-Jean Renoir-Eric Von Stroheim-Jean Gabin-RARE-R1950's-14x21

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La Grande Illusion-Grand Illusion-director Jean Renoir's classic French WW1 POW film-released in 1937-is often considered one of the best movies ever made. Starring Jean GabinEric von Stroheim Dita Parlo-Marcel Dalio-Julien Carette-Gaston Modot-Jean Daste.  

A RARE find of this classic film! Though originally folded, this Belgian poster is from a 1950's re-release. It measures 14.25"x21.5".  As it has been stored flat for years, it will be shipped rolled in a tube. Our watermark is on the image only and not the poster.

Watch the trailer for the film below.