Edge Of The City 1956 41x81 Saul Bass-John Cassavetes-Sidney Poitier-Ruby Dee

Edge Of The City 1956 41x81 Saul Bass John Cassavetes Sidney Poitier Ruby Dee

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Edge of the City, director Martin Ritt's race relations suspense thriller starring John Cassavetes, Sidney Poitier, Rudy Dee, Jack Warden and Kathleen Maguire. Poster artwork by Saul Bass.

This three sheet poster, 41"x81", is printed in three sections designed to overlap. It is in fair to good condition. The poster is fragile. There are some creases and several tears along the foldlines that were on the outside when the poster was fully folded. There are some creases, smudges, and tiny tears on the other foldlines, and some tiny paper loss at some crossfolds.

Watch the trailer for the film below.