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Easy Rider-Peter Fonda-Dennis Hopper-Jack Nicholson-1969-40x60

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Easy Rider-director Dennis Hopper's Cannes-Award-winning biker-drug-classic-Peter Fonda-Dennis Hopper-Jack Nicholson-Luke Askew-Karen Black-Carrie Snodgress. eArtFilm movie posters.

This is a RARE 40x60 original US one sheet. This poster is in fair condition and has general signs of use and lengthy storage. Before you buy, please review the poster photo here.  Our watermark is on the photograph only and not the poster. If the poster is already folded, it will be shipped folded; if it is rolled it will be shipped rolled in a tube.

The poster is in fair condition. It has drastically faded from its completely yellow background but its half century age has created a unique "black and white" look and the poster displays amazingly well! The poster also has many creases scattered throughout and some small tears around the edges with some tape repairs in the borders, and paper loss in the bottom left corner. There are many scuffs and stains scattered throughout. That being said, this is a great opportunity to own an iconic poster of this classic film that, in a way, has become unique with its imperfections. Please do not purchase the poster unless you can accept its rarity and the defects described above or you are willing to pay someone to have it properly restored. May also have general signs of usage and/or from lengthy storage that could include slight fold separation and fold wear, tape on corners, missing corners, pinholes, and/or very minor tears.  

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