Crimson Skull-1921-Pressbook-14x18-Anita Bush-Lawrence Chenault-Bill Pickett

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The Crimson Skull, director Richard E. Norman's silent African American mystery  western starring Anita Bush, Lawrence Chenault, Bill Pickett, Steve Reynolds and  "and 30 Colored Cowboys."  This Norman Film Studio film is considered lost.

The press book is in very good conditions with no cuts in it. We have provided an image of the front and back covers of the pressbook, plus an image of a two-page spread from inside of the pressbook. This pressbook is complete and uncut which is rare given that these were purchased by theatre owners to create their newspaper advertising and so were usually cut up for that purpose. Not this one! It is 14"x18.5" and is 4 pages. 

Watch our trailer for Crimson Skull below.