Carnal Knowledge 27x41 Mike Nichols original movie poster eArtFilm

Carnal Knowledge 1971 27x41 Vintage Movie Poster Jack Nicholson Ann Margret

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This is a 27x41 original US one sheet for Mike Nichols' Carnal Knowledge, written by Jules Feiffer and starring Jack Nicholson, Candice Bergen, Art Garfunkel, Ann-Margret, Jules Feiffer, Rita Moreno, Cynthia O'Neal and Carol Kane. This poster is in good condition. There is discoloration scattered in some areas of the poster from exposure to moisture and the poster may have general signs of use and lengthy storage. Please review the photo here of the movie poster you are buying before you purchase. Our watermark is on the photograph only and not the poster. This poster was originally folded and will be shipped folded.  

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