Black Fury-Michael Curtiz-Paul Muni-Karen Morley-J Carrol Naish-R56-27x41-crime

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Black Fury-director Michael Curtiz's 1935 coal miner crime drama-Paul Muni-Karen Morley-William Gargan-Barton MacLane-J Carrol Naish-Tully Marshall-Ward Bond

This originally folded, theatrical release one-sheet for the films 1956 re-release measures 27"x41". There are various defects around the edges of the poster, and there is wear and some areas of small paper loss along the foldlines and/or crossfolds. There are creases and smudges scattered throughout. Our watermark is on the photograph only and not the poster. This poster was originally folded and will be shipped folded.

Watch the Black Fury intro by Robert Osborne.