eArtFilm.com Yugoslavia poster (19.5"x27.25") Mata Hari-R50s-1931-19x27-Greta Garbo-Ramon Novarro-Lionel Barrymore

Mata Hari-R50s-1931-19x27-Greta Garbo-Ramon Novarro-Lionel Barrymore

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What it is: This is an original, 63-year-old, folded, single-sided one-sheet poster for the Yugoslavian re-issue of the 1931 George Fitzmaurice spy drama.

Why you love it: Greta Garbo as Mata Hari. Also, starring Ramon Novarro, Lionel Barrymore, Lewis Stone, C. Henry Gordon and Blanche Friderici.

The boring (but necessary) details: This poster measures 19.5"x 27.25".

Poster Condition: Good to Very Good. There are several tears in the upper edge and a few inches of separation in the upper vertical foldline (some of which have been repaired with tape from the back). There is paper loss in the upper right corner that was repaired with tape from the back and front. May have general signs of usage and/or from lengthy storage that could include slight fold separation and fold wear, tape on corners, missing corners, pinholes, and/or very minor tears. Please review the picture(s) we’ve provided here and only purchase if you are comfortable with the poster’s condition.

The image here is of the actual Mata Hari poster you are purchasing so you can see the poster’s condition. If there were any imperfections you can’t see in the poster, we would describe them here.

This poster was originally folded and will be shipped folded. It is from the initial release of the film in Yugoslavia and measures 19.5"x27.25". 

Don’t buy mass produced artwork with no personality! Invest in unique movie posters that bring back memories of films you love and have the warmth and character of these original works of art!

Watch the original "Mata Hari" movie trailer below:

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