The Shining-Stanley Kubrick-Jack Nicholson-Shelly Duvall-Stephen King-1980-Horror

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The Shining-director Stanley Kubrick's classic 1980 horror classic based on the novel by Stephen King. Starring Jack Nicholson-Shelley Duvall-Scatman Crothers-Joe Turkel-Danny Lloyd-Barry Nelson. Poster artwork by Saul Bass.

An original, folded theatrical release one-sheet measuring 27"x40.5". It is in good to very good condition. Note a small punched hole above each of the top magnets. This size poster was printed in the U.S. by Warner Bros. for use by Canadian poster exchanges for the film's original 1980 opening. The plates from this studio printed poster were later used for re-strikes in the 1990's. The NSS printed poster measures 27"x41".

Watch the trailer for the film below.


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