Gloria-John Cassavetes-Gena Rowlands-Buck Henry-Tony Knesich-27x41-1980 _related_gena-rowlands, _related_john-cassavetes, Buck Henry, Crime, Crime|Drama, Drama, Gangster, Gena Rowlands, hair, John Cassavetes, Lawrence Tierney, Mafia, Thriller

Gloria-John Cassavetes-Gena Rowlands-Buck Henry--27x41-1980

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Gloria-director John Cassavetes Mafia crime thriller starring Gena Rowlands-Buck Henry-Julie Carmen-Tony Knesich-John Adames-Gregory Cleghorne.

The poster was originally folded and is in good condition. It measures 27"x41". Our watermark appears on the image only and not the poster.

Watch the trailer for the film below.