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Clockwork Orange-Stanley Kubrick-Malcolm McDowell-Patrick Magee-8x10-X

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This is an original 8x10 U.S still from Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece of ultraviolence, A Clockwork Orange. The still has the film's original X rating. The film was adapted from the Anthony Burgess novel and stars Malcolm McDowell.  This still is in good condition but may have general signs of use and lengthy storage. Our watermark is on the photograph only and not the still. Poster artwork by Philip Castle.

Although this still was Printed in Great Britain, it has full NSS information. Perhaps it was intended to be used in both countries. Some collectors saw these color stills in U.S. theaters at the time the movie was released, but we have not heard from any English collectors as to whether they were used in England at that time. Regardless, it is a rare still with the U.S "X" rating.

The still is in good condition though there is some minor wear around the edges.

Watch the A Clockwork Orange trailer!

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