Blow-Up-1966-27x41-Antonioni-Vanessa Redgrave-David Hemmings-Veruschka _related_michaelangelo-antonioni, _related_michelangelo-antonioni, Carlo Ponti, David Hemmings, Drama, Dress Day, Edward Bond, Jane Birkin, Michelangelo Antonioni, Privacy, Sarah Miles

Blow-Up-1966-27x41-Antonioni-Vanessa Redgrave-David Hemmings-Veruschka

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Blow-Up-director Michelangelo Antonioni's crime mystery thriller starring Vanessa Redgrave-David Hemmings-Sarah Miles-Jane Birkin-John Castle-Gillian Hills-Veruschka -The Yardbirds. eArtFilm movie posters.

This is a 27x41 original US one sheet for Antonioni's Blow-Up. This poster is in good condition but may have general signs of use and lengthy storage. Please review the photo here of the movie poster you are buying before you purchase. Our watermark is on the photograph only and not the poster. This poster was originally folded and will be shipped folded.

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